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National HREC Conference


National HREC Conference 2023

National HREC Conference 2023

4th National HREC Conference: 29 November - 1 December 2023

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Acknowledgement of Country

Geoff Binge, Principal Advisor, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Program

Conference opening

Steve Wesselingh, NHMRC

Approving the approvers: The theory and practice of monitoring ethics committees

Monique Jonas, Auckland, New Zealand

Revolutionising clinical trial recruitment: unleashing social media's power!

Duncan Colyer, VCCC Alliance

View of apps as TGA regulatable in trials (issues to consider)

Peter Keller

Peter Keller - presentation

Development of guidelines for review of AI projects by HRECs

Lukah Dykes, HeartAI

Using ‘synthetic data’ to enable use of health information

Jason Pole, The University of Queensland

Following viewing the presentation if you are interested in joining the University group please email: v.moyle@latrobe.edu.au.

The DATA Scheme (ONDC DATA Scheme update)

Gayle Milnes, National Data Commissioner

Secondary Data in Research: Confusing ethics reviewers and applicants alike

Paula Swatman, University of Swinbourne

HREC judicial review

Rebekah McWhirter, Deakin University

Research Ethics Application Repository (develop developed by Martin Tolich and Emma Tumilty).

The role and remit of the National Statement – guidance vs rulebook

Rob Loblay, University of Sydney

Rob Loblay - presentation

Genomics, Human Research Ethics Committees and waivers of consent

Lyndsay Newett, National Centre for Indigenous Genomics

Deterioration of health-related quality of life: the hidden health burden of informal caregiving

Syed Alfroz Keramat, The University of Queensland

Syed Alfroz Keramat - Presentation

Advancing video-ethnographic research in health care: challenges, lessons learned and implications for practice

Mila Obucina, Griffith University

Exploring the association between physical activity levels and healing outcomes among individuals with venous leg ulcers: a secondary analysis

Shirley Qiu, University of Technology Sydney

Queer people, criminalisation, pathologisation, and ethics of health and medical research

James Allen

What is the place of consumers in HRECs?

Ian Tindall, Chair CALHN HREC at SA Health

Consumer and co-design considerations in research

Ken Knight & Nyanhial Yang, MCRI

Supporting Ethics Committees to amplify consumer and community involvement in health and medical research

Brian Dalton & Carrie Hayter

Brian Dalton & Carrie Hayter - presentation

PRAXIS Plenary: Diversity in research: inclusion imperatives

Jackie Leach Scully, University New South Wales

Psychedelic clinical trials prescription vs legislation – important things for HRECs to look for

Ian Tindall, Chair CALHN HREC at SA Health

RCTs the gold standard – what do we need to know

Kelvin Robertson, Townsville

Adaptive platform trials introducing PLATIPUS

Clare Whitehead

A-CTEC: a national educational platform to professionalise the Australian clinical trials workforce

Eman Nafea, Director, Australian Clinical Trials Education Centre (A-CTEC)

A panel discussion on HREC common issues. This session will consider contemporary barriers to effective committee review of research.

Chaired by: Gordon McGurk & Ian Tindall
Panel members: Sonia Hancock, Gary Allen, Hudson Birden

Research Ethics Committees in post-pandemic era: a call for a universal registration and accreditation platforms

Ehsan Shami Gooshki, Monash University

HeSANDA: HREC approval for data sharing

Kristan Kang, Australian Research Data Commons

CT:IQ InFORMED PICF - includes a data sharing statement

Authorised prescriber

Robyn Langham

Authorised prescriber scheme and psychedelic medicine

Hudson Birden

Psychedelic assisted therapy references

A nationally consistent approach to the accreditation of institutions and their HRECs

Conor Brophy, Chair, Ethics Committee Advisor Group, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

Ethical challenges to informed consent in aged care research

Elspeth McInnes AM, HREC Chair University of South Australia

The use of multimedia aided consent in paediatric research

Rebecca Doyle, Children’s Health Queensland and The University of Queensland

Applying inclusive recruitment and consent practices to include people with aphasia in research: a case example

Renee Clapham, Speech Pathology Dept, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

Deferred consent in neonatology

Amir Zayegh, Neonatologist, Women’s Hospital

Amir Zayegh - presentation

Inclusion, diversity and lived experience

Philomena Horsley, PRAXIS Australia

Marginalisation in research

Scott Walsberger, Manager Cancer Programs, ACON

Research case studies: What is the research excellence criteria and how it intersects with ethics committees

Maree Toombs, University of Sydney

Researching traumatic experiences: vicarious trauma inside academia and the ethics of care

Jennifer Smith, Central Queensland University

Navigating identity and integrity: exploring the intersection between gender diversity, research ethics and legislation

Leonie Crosse, University of Tasmania Human Research Ethics Committee

Deciphering the complex interplay between voluntary assisted dying legislation and research ethics – a new tool for researchers

Enna Stroli-Salama, QVAD Support and Pharmacy Service

Beyond the form: engaging with participants throughout clinical research

Lisa Eckstein, CT:IQ

Improving the capture and reporting of adverse events in clinical trials of non-pharmacological interventions: a PaCCSC/CST initiative

Celia Marston & Ann-Marie Hoise

The Australian Teletrial Program – bringing clinical trials closer to home

Sara Hubbard, Research Governance Officer, QRCCC

Artificial intelligence and HRECs – development of guidelines for review of artificial intelligence projects by HRECs

Lyle Palmer, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology

'Caught in a loop’: ethics and research governance of an interagency cross-jurisdictional suicide prevention data linkage study

Carla Meurk, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research

A national program set to accelerate research through data sharing

Angela Webster, HeSANDA SHP-CTC Node

Ethical considerations are poorly reported in individual participant data meta-analyses (IPD-MA)

Nigel Armfield, The University of Queensland

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