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Health Translation Queensland brings together world-class Queensland universities, research institutes and health services to help translate well-evidenced research into clinical practice.

Health research translation is the process of taking scientific discoveries and turning them into practical applications that improve health outcomes and patient care. Without effective translation, valuable research findings may remain isolated in academic journals and not reach health care providers who can use them to inform and improve patient care.

Health research translation has many benefits, all affecting public and global health, including:

  • improved patient outcomes
  • enhanced health care practices
  • advancement of innovation and technologies
  • cost savings
  • reduction in medical errors
  • increased research funding and support
  • empowerment of patients and communities.

At Health Translation Queensland, we help to solve some of Queensland’s most pressing health challenges by supporting well-evidenced research to be more quickly and efficiently translated into clinical practice improving the health and well-being of more than 5 million Queenslanders from Tugun to the Torres Strait.

Our work program encompasses research ethics and governance, consumer and community involvement, digital health, workforce education and training, and collaborative groups.

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Health Translation Queensland acknowledges the Traditional Owners and their custodianship of the lands on which we live, work, and play. We pay our respects to their Ancestors and their Descendants, who continue cultural and spiritual connections to Country. We recognise their valuable contributions to Australian and global society.

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