Chronic disease

Chronic disease


  • In Australia in 2018, eight common chronic conditions contributed to:
  • 61% of the burden of disease
  • 37% of hospitalisations
  • 87% of deaths (based on underlying or associated causes of death).

The Chronic Disease Theme brings together researchers, clinicians, educators, administrators and consumers to enhance knowledge generation and knowledge translation. The theme has adopted a socio-cultural-political approach to facilitate greater understanding of risk and protective factors, screening and diagnosis methodologies and evidence-based care. It is drawing together organ-specific sub-themes as well as systemic approaches to informatics, policy, education and research. It is aiming to create opportunities to link existing and emerging research, via implementation strategies to improve policy, practice and health outcomes across the life course.


This theme aims to improve the prevention, screening diagnosis and management of chronic disease by:

  • developing a clear understanding of risk factors (genetic, environmental and lifestyle) to inform improved prevention and screening methodologies
  • facilitating opportunities for greater collaboration between researchers, clinicians, administrators and consumers to generate new knowledge for improved health outcomes
  • creating and improving implementation science to embed best clinical practice across the service continuum.

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