Demographic ageing and increasing life expectancy are changing the user population of healthcare organisations, with unprecedented increases in the prevalence of frailty, multi-morbidity and chronic disease. Health services and systems must respond to this challenge in ways that ensure high quality, efficient and equitable care.

The Ageing Theme involves the collaboration of senior administrators, clinicians, educators, researchers and consumers, which is evolving a platform for innovation, knowledge generation and knowledge translation. With a focus on the application of known best practice principles, the group is developing new strategies designed to ensure continuous improvements in care quality and efficiency for older persons and those who care for them. As the work is grounded in a strong research and evaluation culture, the outcomes have both local and international application.


This theme aims to improve the healthcare of older persons by:

  • developing a clear understanding of the needs and optimal treatments of an emerging population of older frail individuals with high prevalence of chronic disease and functional loss
  • devising strategies at an organisational and care delivery level to ensure the implementation of best practice within and beyond the partnership
  • creating and improving educational strategies and programs that underpin excellent practice.

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