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Roadmap for Strengthening Health Research and Translation in Queensland

Roadmap for Strengthening Health Research and Translation in Queensland

Queensland’s health system and services are complex, and in many ways fragmented. We have a population of more than 5 million, across an area of more than 1.8 million square kilometres.

Health care demand continues to rise, and the growing cost to governments is unsustainable. Research is a critical component of the solution to this issue. Queensland has some of the best and brightest researchers in the world and better integrating research into the health care system will help solve many of the quality and sustainability issues the health system faces now, and in the future.

Since releasing the Queensland Funding Analysis Report in 2021, HTQ has been working to further strengthen Queensland’s Health and Medical Research sector. Following engagement with representatives from across the state, on 31 October 2022, we launched the Roadmap for Strengthening Health and Medical Research for Queensland (the Roadmap).

About the Roadmap

The Roadmap articulates a series of actions that, if Queensland’s health and medical research stakeholders work together on, we are likely to increase the federal research funding awarded to Queensland, thus progressing an agenda of an active and embedded research culture within Queensland’s health system and services.

The Roadmap sets out three priority areas:

  1. Strengthen the ecosystem
  2. Build workforce capability and capacity
  3. Optimise funding

Under the three priority areas, the Roadmap outlines 33 actions for the health and medical research sector to take. The actions are wide ranging - from leveraging the strengths in our health system, to establishing near-miss schemes for unsuccessful grant applicants, to supporting consumer and community involvement in research.

What’s next?

The Roadmap is a starting point that aims to deepen engagement across the health and medical research sector – across state and commonwealth government, research, industry, health consumers and the clinic.

With engagement secured across the sector, the next steps will be focused on implementation – working with our community to prioritise actions, and identify who, how and when the actions should be taken, and to develop and invest in a new Queensland Strategy for Health and Medical Research.

A new Queensland Strategy for Health and Medical Research will help to improve Queensland’s expertise in health and medical research, which in turn will help us to achieve better health for Queenslanders.

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