What's next for Queensland Genomics?

27 May 2021

In 2020, Queensland Genomics joined BDHP’s collaborative network, ensuring the program had strategic support during its final year. As the $25-million five-year program wraps up, Queensland continues to build on its investment and achievements in genomics with an executive working group planning its next evolution. Queensland Genomics has worked to bring genomics into everyday healthcare in Queensland, transforming the delivery of health services. To continue this work, Queensland Health’s System Planning Branch has established the Genomics Executive Working Group (see below) to create Queensland’s genomics policy position and explore options for ongoing activity and investment in genomics. This will help continue the acceleration of genomics research into healthcare and maximise the investment Queensland has already made and will make in this field. Members of the Genomics Executive Working Group lead policy development through a series of Expert Advisory Groups in priority areas for genomics in Queensland. The priority areas and leaders are:
  • Person-centred care: Provide equitable access to genomics services for Queenslanders of all ages through a person-centred approach. Lead: Dr Erin Evans.
  • Services: Integrate genomics into routine high-quality health care. Co-leads: Prof Lizbeth Kenny and Prof Julie McGaughran.
  • Resources: Ensure sustainable funding that allows genomics to become a part of business-as-usual in the provision of health services. Co-leads: Brett Bricknell and Shaun Drummond.
  • Workforce: Build a genomics-literate workforce by empowering clinicians with knowledge and skills. Co-Leads: Dayna Williamson and Prof Lizbeth Kenny.
  • Data: Develop fit-for-purpose information systems that can store, manage and facilitate the sharing of genome sequences. Lead: Dr David Hansen
  • Research: Attract research funding to Queensland. Lead: Prof Fabienne Mackay.
  • Industry: Form strong partnerships with industry leaders. Lead: David Bunker.
The Expert Advisory Groups are planning how to best leverage the work of Queensland Genomics to date. This planning and analysis will inform the development of a roadmap to continue Queensland’s genomics implementation journey. The work also strengthens collaborations that enhance our state’s capability in precision health and personalised medicine, generating positive returns for the Queensland health system. The Genomics Executive Working Group:
  • Professor Keith McNeil (Chair), Acting Deputy Director-General and Chief Medical Officer, Prevention Division, Queensland Health
  • Shaun Drummond, Chief Executive, Metro North Hospital & Health Service
  • Professor John Upham, Metro South Hospital & Health Service Chair, Metro South Research
  • Professor Scott Bell, CEO, Translational Research Institute
  • Professor Fabienne Mackay, Director and CEO QIMR Berghofer
  • Dr David Hansen, CEO, Australian e-Health Research Centre
  • Dr Erin Evans, Chair, Health Consumers Queensland & Queensland Genomics Community Advisory Group
  • Haylene Grogan, DDG Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Division
  • Brett Bricknell, General Manager, Pathology Queensland
  • Professor Julie McGaughran, Director, Genetic Health Queensland
  • Dr Alexandra Markwell, Chair, Queensland Clinical Senate
  • Professor Lizbeth Kenny, Chair, Queensland Clinical Networks Executive Committee
  • David Bunker, Executive Director, Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners and Executive Director, Queensland Genomics
  • Dayna Williamson, General Manager, Queensland Genomics

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