Leaders provide vision for Themes

20 December 2016

[caption id="attachment_3925" align="alignright" width="300"] Professor Nancy Pachana and Chris Seiboth[/caption] Leaders of Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners Themes outlined their visions for priority health areas at a special Theme event at Old Government House, QUT on 9 November 2016. Professor Nancy Pachana (pictured right with Chronic Disease co-chair Chris Seiboth), Professor Geoff Hill and Professor Nicholas Graves gave an insight into their work, whetting the appetite for those present about the vision and depth of scientific and clinical possibilities that will emerge. BDHP has nine Clinical Themes that reflect the key areas identified as priority healthcare challenges in Queensland as well as bringing together clinicians, researchers and educators from across the partners in a collaborative approach. Addressing the audience, BDHP Chairman Professor David Siddle (pictured above left with BDHP General Manager Areti Gavrilidis) said the nine Themes were pivotal in BDHP's mission of delivering the highest quality healthcare for Queensland and beyond. Each Theme is led by eminent experts in their respective fields and includes several integral components called Streams. The nine Themes and their key leaders include:
  • Ageing: Professors Nancy Pachana and Len Gray
  • Brain and Mental Health: Professor John McGrath
  • Cancer: Professor Geoff Hill and Dr Euan Walpole
  • Skin and Skin Cancers: Professors Peter Soyer, Ian Frazer and Mark Smithers
  • Chronic disease: Professor Ian Yang and Mr Chris Seiboth
  • Evidence and Innovation in Clinical Care: Professor Nick Graves and Associate Professor Ian Scott
  • Immunity, Inflammation and Infection: Dr Geoffrey Playford and Professor Ranjeny Thomas
  • Maternal and Child Health: Professors Karen Moritz and Geoff Cleghorn
  • Trauma, Critical Care and Recovery: Professor Jeff Lipman and Dr Cliff Pollard
Following Professor Siddle’s address, three of the leaders outlined their current initiatives:
  • Professor Nancy Pachana spoke about the concepts evolving in the Ageing Theme
  • Professor Geoff Hill presented the vision for the Cancer Theme
  • Professor Nick Graves challenged the audience with his discussion on the future directions of Evidence and Innovation in Clinical Care.

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